The Falklands War From Defeat to Victory


The tales of war are best told by those who have fought in the battles, endured the elements, suffered through pain, and nurtured camaraderie with their brothers in peril.
THE FALKLANDS WAR: From Defeat to Victory is an amazing story told by one of the Royal Marines who was there.
See things at ground zero from under the Green Beret of John Alden as he describes this historic event. He was in the first battle that began at Government House. The British military was captured and forced to surrender.
As the world read the papers, the front page showed the infamous photo of John and his brothers in arms standing with their hands up as the Argentine soldiers ridiculed and belittled them.
This dark day in British history did not go unanswered when, days after, they sent more troops. Ultimately, John Alden and his fellow Royal Marines ended back at Government House ten weeks later. Only, this time, they flew the British flag in final victory.
This soldier also shares personal anecdotes of his hometown and does an amazing job of describing life in a small English village.
Hear the story like it has never been told before with nothing censored or sugar coated. Some might argue it is the best account of the Falklands War to date.


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