Divers Inspection Logbook


Logbooks are supplied by IMCA, but any logbook is suitable if it contains all the required information. The minimum information required in the diver’s logbook for each dive is:
name of diver; name and address of the diving contractor.
the date to which the entry relates (an entry must be completed daily for each dive carried out by the diver); the name or other designation and the location of the installation, worksite, craft or other place from which the diving operation was carried out; the name of the supervisor who was in control of a diving operation in which the diver took part; the maximum depth reached on each occasion.
the time the diver left the surface, the bottom time, and the time the diver reached the surface on each occasion; where the dive includes time spent in a compression chamber, details of any time spent outside the chamber at a different pressure; the type of breathing apparatus and mixture used by the diver; any work done by the diver on each occasion, and the equipment (including any tools) used in that work; any decompression schedules followed by the diver on each occasion; any decompression illness, discomfort or injury suffered by the diver; any other factor relevant to the diver’s safety or health; any emergency or incident of special note which occurred during the dive.


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