John is a highly experienced, seasoned and respected Offshore Subsea & Diving Superintendent, with excellent background knowledge and a proven record of accomplishment relating to all major aspects of subsea operations. Very good team leadership abilities, supported by a high level of interpersonal skills developed whilst leading multicultural teams offshore. His knowledge gained during a highly successful career spanning over 25 years during which, considerable comprehension of, Diving & ROV operations, contractor and contractual management has been acquired. John Having gained wide-ranging operational experience, has imparted a complete command of subsea implementations, affording him to bring about a safe, efficient and successful continuation of contract works. John has a published book The Falklands War From Defeat To Victory WebSite (John) Alden works for an offshore oil company in Qatar as the Diving Superintendent onboard the DSV Halul 41. As the offshore project manager dealing with a very fluid operation, encountering a variety of complex situations daily. Within our set up the Divers on deck, communicate during toolbox talks, Safety meeting and personal face-to-face communication with me, or one of the Supervisors. From Management down to the Divers we communicate objectives through procedures and Job Safety analysis, Observation cards and bulletin boards displaying the latest news flashes from our industry. We do fall into an odd category when it comes to learning and development opportunities, Draconian I know but that is the way of the Diving industry